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A Great Start to 2021 with Sales of over 10,000 in February

May 26, 2021

A Great Start to 2021 with Sales of over 10,000 in February

The market battle for 2021 has quietly begun. Today, EN Plus announced its overseas EV chargers export sales data for February 2021: the sales volume reached 10,000+ units in a single month, achieving a multiplier increase over the previous month, and the sales growth momentum is rapid. EN Plus has started with a positive momentum, proving its position as the benchmark of Chinese EV chargers brands going abroad.

Based on its excellent R&D and innovation capabilities, EN Plus has taken the lead in the overseas new energy vehicle charging business, with its products exported to 26 countries and regions in Europe, Southeast Asia, etc. In 2021, the export scale of EN Plus EV chargers increased significantly, among which, the AC European standard AC chargers , which are sold in Europe, became the “main force” of the overseas market. This led to a new breakthrough in the overall export value and made EN Plus become the Chinese company that exported the largest number of EV chargers in a single month.

According to data, 85% of EV charging in Germany will happen privately. Private EV charger purchase and installation is subsidized heavily as government strategy to solve charging problem. Our smart series wallbox 11 kW is on the KfW’s list of eligible wallboxes.

The smart wallbox charge your electric car quickly with up to 11 kW and are particularly safe thanks to the integrated residual current sensor. The optional app allows you to conveniently control the charging amount and charging power via your smartphone. And the modern, elegant design also makes our wallbox become a real eye-catcher for your home.

The UK has a growing network of charging stations. In order to expand the construction of public charging facilities, the government has also issued many incentive policies to stimulate enterprises to install charging stations.

Our commercial EV wallbox 7kW and 11kW are on the GOV.UK’s list of approved manufacturers and models. By purchasing it can help you save money. Thanks to open charge protocol OCPP 1.6, the charger operation and status is monitored and controlled by existing backend or central management system. Designed with a type 2 charging socket, it is compatible with either type 1 or type 2 cable. You can have more choices for EV charging.


Since its establishment, EN Plus has been adhering to the “user-centric” concept, focusing on product development and design, upgrading product after-sales service, and providing more competitive products and services in the market. Based on the accurate insight into the needs of users after the consumer upgrade, EN Plus has further met the diversified needs of different users and become the best choice for electric vehicle users to recharge their EV cars.

Behind the rising sales is the recognition of EN Plus products and service by customers, the absolute reflection of its market competitiveness and influence, and the support and efforts of every EN Plus family member and partner. In 2021, let’s all look forward to more excitement from EN Plus.