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Checkmate! EN Plus EV Charging Business is Booming in Germany

June 10, 2021

Checkmate! EN Plus EV Charging Business is Booming in Germany

As EN Plus EV chargers are widely recognized in the international market , the recent overseas business has achieved encouraging results: the sales of European standard AC EV chargers exceeded 10,000 units in a single month, which is undoubtedly a landmark order for the domestic charging industry. The German and Italy stand out among the most European countries because of their outstanding sales.

Germany has a long and successful history of development in the automotive sector. It is the birthplace of many well-known automotive brands and brings together the best technical and management-oriented talents. In addition to this, Germany’s local policy has been very supportive of the new energy and electric vehicle industry. As early as 2016, the government introduced a subsidy policy for electric vehicles and a number of measures to support and improve the construction of charging infrastructure, which has led to the rapid development of Germany’s electric vehicle industry, and in 2019, it overtook Norway to become the largest market for electric vehicle sales in Europe.

When automakers are investing in the R&D of electric vehicles, a Chinese startup dedicated to smart charging service for electric vehicles has quietly entered Germany. Founded in 2015, EN Plus is a leading provider of electric vehicle charging equipment and charging solutions in China, with a number of R&D patents. With the new charging service concept of “smart hardware + cloud service”, EN Plus allows electric vehicles to find and use chargers without barriers, and operators to management with a low cost and high profitability.

As the representative of the earliest enterprises in China to enter the overseas EV charging market, EN Plus has presented its new products at many exhibitions such as eCarTec and eMove360° in Germany for many times since 2016. While enhancing communication with domestic and international peers, EN Plus has also reaped great market attention and established cooperation with many customers.


In the past 2020 and 2021, The original plans for the exhibition had to be cancelled due to the impact of COVID-19. But EN Plus’ foray into the German market did not stop there. In recent months, EN Plus has taken orders for nearly 3,000 charging stations in Germany. Of these, the 11kW smart home wallbox accounted for over 90% of sales, making it a popular selling product.

This 11kW home AC wallbox is a new generation of smart EV charger launched by EN Plus to solve the pain points of home charging. The streamlined design is both beautiful and practical. Coupled with user-friendly features such as Bluetooth smart lock, mobile phone APP for timed charging and ultra-low power standby, it is not only beautiful and smart, but also safe and convenient. Make it the best choice for home charging for electric vehicle owners.


“I am very bullish on the trend of electric vehicles in Europe and we decided that Germany is a best choice to do this, we have built a solid foundation in Europe over the last five years and we are continuing to grow and invest in the long term. In 2021, we will start with an office in Germany.” Tony, Managing Director of EN Plus, said.

Believe that with the efforts of all EN Plusers, we can continue to innovate charging and service to provide the market and EV users with better charging products and a better charging experience.