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EN Plus: Electric Cars Owners Prefer Dedicated EV Chargers

June 10, 2021

EN Plus: Electric Cars Owners Prefer Dedicated EV Chargers

As automakers ramp up EV production, more and more car buyers are increasingly making the switch themselves. That’s driving governments, electric utilities, and startups to install thousands more EV chargers in public places so that drivers can get around without much effort. EV chargers are popping up in office building garages, retail outlet parking lots, highway corridors, and apartment complexes.

The challenge is figuring out how to make these accessible to everyone.


For example, low-income areas on average have the fewest total chargers per capita, while high-income areas have the most. In some cases, the ev chargers in low-income areas are primarily used not by residents but commuters, who might top off their cars on their way to another part of town.

This imbalance largely reflects the current market: Private charging companies build stations where electric cars are likely to circulate, not in places with limited EV adoption. So as the EV industry enters a likely boom phase, efforts are accelerating to ensure that all drivers can join the transition to zero-carbon transportation. Governments are working to close gaps in existing EV programs, which have broadly struggled to reach both people in low-income people.


Yet two big roadblocks keep many drivers from ditching their gas-burning vehicles: the lack of home garages and shared spaces to charge electric cars, and the cost of buying a new car, electric or otherwise.

EN Plus is one technique innovative company dedicated to EV charging industry. Through continuous technical innovation and marketing accumulation, It has grown to be a professional supplier for EV charging facility and solutions, capable of independent development from product design to product delivery.

Our smart series wallbox 11 kW is on the KfW’s list of eligible wallboxes and the commercial EV wallbox 7kW and 11kW are on the GOV.UK’s list of approved manufacturers and models. By purchasing it can help electric cars users save money.


Thanks to open charge protocol OCPP 1.6, the users can control their charger by mobile APP or central management system. Through the APP, you can charge your car regularly and check all charging data. You can also choose the plug & play method. It is very easy and convenient.

Ultimately, we want it to be easier to refuel an electric vehicle than to refuel a conventional vehicle.