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EN+’s New Generation of Home Wallboxs Made a Stunning Appearance at EVS34

July 15, 2021

EN+’s New Generation of Home Wallboxs Made a Stunning Appearance at EVS34

EVS, founded by the World Electric Vehicle Association (WEVA) for 51 years, is the main international event to address the issue of new energy electric vehicles and is held every year and a half, alternating between Europe, America and Asia Pacific. As the largest, most influential and highest-level international event in the field of new energy vehicles, EVS34 comes to China for the third time after a decade.

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1. Towards Intelligent E-Mobility

The theme of the exhibition is “Towards Intelligent E-Mobility”, which covers pure electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, fuel cell vehicles and core components, attracting enthusiastic participation of entrepreneurs and professionals from all over the world. In a situation where countries are generally facing sluggish consumption growth and the global economic recovery is still highly uncertain and uneven, the EVS34 exhibition will promote exchanges between the new energy vehicle field and international counterparts, promote the deep integration of science and technology and economy, and inject new momentum into the development of the new energy vehicle industry.

Based on the field of electric vehicle charging, EN+ Technology is committed to providing the best charging solutions and products for electric vehicles, constantly carrying out R&D and technological innovation, making EV chargers with car-making quality, establishing a high-quality supply chain, and strictly selecting the industry’s top components to make each product stand the test of environment and time. The perfect integration of product shape and electrical performance makes EN+ a typical representative of the first-tier enterprises in China. It was invited to participate in this event and presented EN+ AC chargers, EN+ DC charging stations, modules and integrated charging solutions at the exhibition site, showcasing its comprehensive charging intelligent solutions and achievements in the field of charging technology and facilities for many years, actively injecting new momentum into the development of new energy vehicle charging industry.

2. New Product, New Journey

With the popularization of new energy vehicles, high-power fast charging has become the trend of the times. EN+ Technology, as a leader in charging equipment, provides a full set of EV charging solutions and supports the Chinese GB/T standard, European Standard CCS2 and Japanese Standard CHAdeMO to meet the various charging needs of users. EN+ technology DC fast chargers have a number of functions such as pre-charge protection, real-time circuit monitoring and remote diagnosis.

It can start, stop, reset and upgrade remotely, solving more than 60% of faults, which can effectively improve usage efficiency, reduce operation and maintenance costs, and help low-carbon development. EN+ AC EV chargers have international first-class safety design, adopts vehicle-grade technology and materials, supports reservation charging, meets real-time load regulation, and can be organically integrated into intelligent building management system to better realize intelligent charging equipment Management.

In this exhibition, EN+ Technology debuted its newly developed third-generation home smart AC wallbox, which breaks through the limitations of industrial charging equipment design and adopts more vivid and youthful colors, such as the inherently noble and luxurious emerald and the pure and beautiful pearl white. The product has a delicate appearance, IP65 protection, standby power consumption less than 1W, safety and stability, etc. Many highlights are gathered together, and EN+ supporting charging operation system, such as small program, mobile APP, charging management platform and other application terminals, can easily realize charging reservation, intelligent pile locking, equipment sharing, flexible configuration, remote monitoring and remote maintenance. It is believed that once the product is launched, it will be widely recognized by the market and the industry.

  • Nine-fold protection, safety is guaranteed.
  • Industrial top accessories and primary materials, beautiful and durable.
  • No exposed screws, anti-snooping and anti-theft.
  • Shrinking waist storage line streamline design, dynamic and fashionable.
  • LED dynamic indicator strip, rich interaction.



3. Great Potential, Unlimited Vitality

Technology leads innovation, technology enjoys life, EN+ Technology will continue to focus on the accumulation of technology in the field of electric vehicle charging, continuously optimize the process of product development, supply and service, aiming to provide customers with stable and safe, cost-effective products and continue to create long-term value for customers, which will be the driving force for the continuous development of EN+ Technology.

June 28th, 2021, the 34th international electric vehicle symposium & exhibition came to a successful conclusion! Thanks to all those who visited our booth and followed us. We wish you a fruitful harvest of cutting-edge EV technology, industrial and economic insights, and return with a full load of friendship, and look forward to seeing you next time!