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Good News!European Standard DC EV Charger Got TÜV Rheinland Certification

June 10, 2021

Good News!European Standard DC EV Charger Got TÜV Rheinland Certification

On May 28th, EN Plus European standard 60kW and 120kW DC EV chargers received the CE certificate from TÜV Rheinland, Germany. TÜV Rheinland is a German government-recognized inspection body that has enjoyed a 149-year reputation in Germany and Europe, and is highly reputable and authoritative among third-party inspection bodies worldwide.

This time, EN Plus has passed a series of tests and certifications by TÜV Rheinland and received the DC EV chargers certification, which is a strong proof that EN Plus strictly follows international standards in the design and manufacture of electric vehicle charging products, and that its strength in controlling the safety and reliability of charging products has been recognized by international authorities and has achieved a breakthrough success in the export of DC EV chargers to overseas markets. This is inseparable from EN Plus long-term unremitting efforts and innovation, and also reinforces EN Plus confidence and determination to go on in the field of charging products towards global specialization and ultimateization. In the future, EN Plus will continue to maintain its ‘professionalism’ and ‘reliability’ and continue to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the new energy industry with technological innovation.

Let’s learn more about EN Plus DC fast EV chargers.


60kW and 120kW European standard all-in-one DC fast charging stations integrate power conversion, charging control, man-machine interaction control, communication, billing and metering functions. The product shell is made of metal material with corrosion-resistant surface treatment, and the module and control adopt double waterproof and dustproof design with IP54 protection level, which can be safely charged and operated in harsh outdoor environment, and is a reliable choice for outdoor fast charging.

The power conversion unit of the EV chargers follows the modular design principle, which can flexibly configure the power output to meet the charging needs of electric vehicles of different capacities. As the core component of the charging stations, the DCM series modules developed by EN Plus not only meet the conventional electrical performance and EMC, but also withstand the test of harsh environment, such as high temperature, high salt fog, high dust and so on. The maximum efficiency of the modules can reach 96.5%, and support the same power expansion of the charging pile to achieve 300~1000Vdc constant power output, which can effectively reduce the quality problems of the charging station, reduce the safety hazards and significantly save the life cycle operation and maintenance costs of the operators.

Meanwhile, the European standard DC EV chargers fully support the open OCPP 1.6 communication protocol, and the charging station can be seamlessly connected with the central management system of each supplier to ensure the interconnection between the platforms. The product is equipped with the charging operation management system developed by EN Plus, which can provide intelligent monitoring, remote maintenance and online upgrade of charging piles, providing overseas customers with more intelligent and efficient charging services.

EN Plus will take this opportunity to further accelerate the layout of overseas high-power DC fast charging market and provide more overseas customers with faster and more convenient charging products.