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High-Power and Safe Charging, EN+ Technology Focus On Green Travel

April 1, 2022

High-Power and Safe Charging, EN+ Technology Focus On Green Travel

The construction of new energy vehicle charging piles, as one of the important elements of new infrastructure construction, provides convenience for more and more new energy vehicle owners, and also provides green kinetic energy for building a smart transportation network.

Recently, EN+ Technology has helped Shenzhen to build a high-power DC charging station, which is located at the geometric center of Shenzhen, Dongguan and Huizhou, with a well-connected transportation network. The completion of this charging station not only enriches the charging options of the surrounding car users, but also strongly promotes the electrification process in Shenzhen and facilitates the formation of a green and low-carbon production and lifestyle.


What does the charging station “have”?

As a city charging solution provider, EN+ Technology continues to innovate technology and tailor-made a one-stop charging solution for electric vehicles for this charging station investment and operation project. The station mainly adopts the 120kW high-power dual-connector integrated DC charger solution. There are 23 dual-connector DC charging piles in the station, which can provide hundreds of charging services on a daily basis. And the station has a wide site, covering an area of 3,000 square meters, and can provide charging services for different models of buses, passenger cars and commercial vehicles at the same time. According to the introduction, the fast charging of ordinary passenger cars takes 20 minutes, and the charging of buses can be completed in about 2 hours. This station offers 24/7 service, which effectively meets the fast charging needs of electric vehicle owners.

What does the charging station “do”?

For the convenience of electric vehicle owners who come to charge here, EN+ Technology has customized a variety of charging and payment methods for the station. Car owners can apply for a charging card at the service desk and start charging by swiping the card; they can also easily control the charging of their vehicles by scanning the QR code and using the mobile applet.

Since the equipment was put into operation, it has well met the needs of vehicle charging at night and replenishment during the day. It supports VIN code identification, which greatly reduces the probability of human operation errors, and at the same time, unmanned guarding has improved the convenience of charging. The charging piles here are stable in charging, low in failure rate and easy to operate, which are unanimously recognized by electric vehicle owners.


What are “differents” about the charging piles?

All DC chargers in this station are independently developed and produced by EN+ Technology. They not only have the advantages of modular design, high protection, high safety and high adaptability, easy installation, convenient debugging, convenient maintenance and IP54 protection level, which are fully capable of outdoor use, but also the constant power charging module it carries can greatly improve the charging power of the charging piles under different voltages, which can be compatible with different The constant power charging module can greatly improve the charging power of the chargers under different voltages, which can be compatible with models of different voltage levels, so that the charging time of vehicles can be greatly shortened and the charging user experience can be optimized.

In order to maximize the safety of the charging environment, EN+ Technology DC chargers are designed with nine protection features, and it pays attention to the charging piles’ heat dissipation and water and dust resistance. In order to be able to adapt to the mainstream car models on the market, EN+ Technology has also passed the tests of many vehicle manufacturers such as BYD, Great Wall, BAIC, Mitsubishi, Trumpchi, XPeng, Weltmeister, etc. It is perfectly compatible with the more charging needs on the market, bringing great convenience to green travel in Shenzhen.


About EN+ Technology

EN+ Technology entered the field of new energy vehicles in 2015, relying on the its strong R&D team and mature supply chain system, and has been committed to providing integrated charging solutions for new energy vehicles based on various charging scenarios. While achieving profound accumulation and good reputation, EN+ Technology has not stopped moving forward and still keeps its original intention to continuously develop and innovate to create more perfect products. At present, EN+ Technology’s charging piles have not only been blooming in major provinces and cities in China, but also exported to more than 30 countries such as Europe, Southeast Asia, South America and Australia.

The 2021 is the opening year of the country’s 14th Five-Year Plan, and the key words “emission peak” and “carbon neutrality” have guided the direction of new energy development, and the EV charging industry has also ushered in an important development opportunity. EN+ Technology will further increase its expansion in the field of EV chargers, optimize the layout and iterative upgrade of its products, and add momentum to the vigorous development of new energy business.