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Rapid Evolution of EN Plus EV Chargers Sales in Italy’s Market

June 10, 2021

Rapid Evolution of EN Plus EV Chargers Sales in Italy’s Market

The ugly duckling of electric mobility among Europe’s top car markets is finally turning into a swan. It is Italy, home to so many historic motor brands, where a once almost inexistent EV market is now blossoming into a noteworthy player as Europe pushes towards transport electrification. 2019 saw the first signs of a changing pace, Italian full electric cars have doubled year on year to reach the symbolic threshold of 10,000 units sold. In 2021, with over 32,000 full electric cars sold the Italian BEV market tripled.


Italy is one of the overseas markets that EN Plus is focusing on after Germany. With the sales advantage of the agent channel, EN Plus charging products have quickly gained market popularity upon launch. Since entering the Italian market in 2019, the order volume of charging equipment has accumulated to nearly 10,000 units. Among them, the 7kW AC Bussiness series wallbox is the most popular and the most sold.


This Bussiness series AC wallbox has a stylish and simple appearance, and its size is only A4 paper size. Not only this, It integrates AC charging port, human-machine interface and multiple safety protection design. At the same time, it adopts open OCPP 1.6 communication protocol, which supports seamless connection between charging stations and central management systems of various suppliers. It can also realize daily management and operation functions such as real-time monitoring of equipment, fault reporting, remote upgrade, data summary and analysis through the EN+ charging cloud service system carried by itself. It is ideal for installation in public places.


With ambitious plans for high-power chargers to be installed across the network’s petrol stations, with the first few installations scheduled in a matter of weeks. There are plenty of reasons to believe 2021 will be another year of sustained growth for electric mobility in Italy. EN Plus will continue to accelerate the integration and upgrading of product performance and services, and provide higher quality charging products for customers.