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Wireless Mesh AC Chargers Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency

May 26, 2021

Wireless Mesh AC Chargers Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency

In the scenario of EV chargers construction and operation, Ethernet/4G communication-based construction solutions are widely used. However, for charging operators, it is also a major focus on how to achieve time-saving, labor-saving and cost-saving construction and operation of chargers. For this, we have introduced the wireless Mesh AC charger, with wireless Ad-Hoc network design that enables single charger networking without the need to lay out a wired network. This post will introduce you to the networking solution and the construction cost.

1、Networking Methods

Each AC charger has a built-in MESH module, forming a MESH self-organizing network between the chargers. Accessing the management system with the help of an on-site Wi-Fi or 4G router to achieve single charger networking.

2、Networking Solutions

(1)Continuous Charging Parking Spaces

A standardized network solution can be used, with 1 main charger with 15 others chargers (i.e. 16 chargers with one 4G route). They were divided into 2 groups of 8 units each.

(2)Discontinuous Charging Parking Spaces

A standardized network solution can be used. The main charger is installed in the middle parking space with a distance of no more than 50 meters between every two chargers.

(3)Irregular Charging Parking Spaces

If there are unavoidable corners, walls or steel shelf spaces in the installation environment, the main charger should be placed in the center and kept as empty as possible. The distance between each two chargers should not exceed 20 meters.


3、Construction Costs

(1)Network Cabling

Compared to Ethernet communication AC chargers, wireless MESH AC chargers don’t require additional network cabling construction, which resulted in reduced construction costs, installation difficulties and shorter construction cycles. It is suitable for installation and operation in more old neighborhoods, outdoor public car parks and industrial parks.

(2) Communication Modules

Compared to 4G communication method AC chargers, wireless MESH AC chargers save most of the cost of 4G modules and traffic cards. For example, the cost of communication module is lower for 2 or less devices using single charger 4G networking method, but as the number of AC chargers in a field station increases, wireless MESH AC chargers are significantly more advantageous in terms of the cost of communication module, which can better help operators to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

At present, the wireless MESH AC chargers have been used in many projects in China and overseas, and they have been well received by customers.