Microgrid Energy Management System EMS Cloud Platform For Distributed Generation

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Supply Ability: 1000 PER MONTH
Data Monitoring: Supporting Multi-energy Access Centralized Monitoring, Visual Presentation Of Distributed Energy Operation. Grid Interaction: Participating In The Supply Of Auxiliary Services And Demand Side Response In The Power Market By Utilizing The Spatial Characteristics And Coordination Capability Of Distributed Power Supply.
Historical Statistics: Store The Real Time Date And Predicted Data And Operation Log, Automatically Generate The Report. Economic Dispatch: Reasonably Arrange The Scheduling Plan Of Distributed Power Supply And Energy Storage Equipment Within The Regulation Range, So As To Make The Overall Operation Economy Of The System Higher.
Vehicle-grid System Interaction: Making Full Use Of The Vehicle-grid System Technology, Increasing The Economic Benefit And Auxiliary Standby Functions From EVs Discharging To The Grid System. Power Prediction: Using Traditional Algorithm And Intelligent Algorithm To Predict The New Energy Power Efficiency
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microgrid energy management system


energy storage management system

Micro-Grid Energy Management System (Ems) Cloud Platform For Distributed Generation


System introduction


ANE new energy Micro-grid system is comprehensive system which can monitor the power source, load, storage system, vehicles and other equipment, connected with charging cloud platform and energy cloud platform for remote interaction, maximally using the distributed generation energy, ensuring the power quality and economic benefits, also providing auxiliary response and cooperative scheduling to the grid system.





Multiple strategy parallel operation, intelligent decision and automatic adjustment


By redundancy design, accurate detection and high speed control, improving the power supply quality of load


Graphical design and contouring display system power distribution, generation, power utilization and discharging status


Overall perception of power grid, new energy generation, storage and load working status in system.


Control and coordinate different types of equipment and system, breaking the information island, achieving the unification of system monitoring and management

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System Function


Data monitoring

Supporting multi-energy access centralized monitoring, visual presentation of distributed energy operation.

Grid interaction

Participating in the supply of auxiliary services and demand side response in the power market by utilizing the spatial characteristics and coordination capability of distributed power supply.

Historical Statistics

Store the real time date and predicted data and operation log, automatically generate the report.

Economic dispatch

Reasonably arrange the scheduling plan of distributed power supply and energy storage equipment within the regulation range, so as to make the overall operation economy of the system higher.

Vehicle-grid system interaction

Making full use of the vehicle-grid system (V2G) technology, increasing the economic benefit and auxiliary standby functions from EVs discharging to the grid system.

Power prediction

Using traditional algorithm and intelligent algorithm to predict the new energy power efficiency.

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