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A Better Charging Experience for Electric Car Users

May 26, 2021

A Better Charging Experience for Electric Car Users

EN Plus has spent more time understanding the details of how people charge so we can keep making the experience of charging an EV even better, for everyone from new EV drivers to station operators.

At EN Plus, we always make such assumptions that there’s EV charging in every parking lot. Anytime I’m parked, I see fellow drivers who have a lot going on. They might be waiting a friend, lugging some groceries or wrangling their kids. Yet almost every single person has the same thing in their hands: their phone.

That’s why EN Plus came up with plug & play to charge, which lets EV drivers simply pull out the connector and insert it into the car to start a charge. It’s remarkably convenient—not to mention noticeably better than fueling a gas car. It takes just a few seconds to scan the charger code, start to charge and go about your day. We paid more attention to the details and made EV charging fit into drivers lives, not the other way around.

Plug &Play charge is one of our favorites, but it’s not the only way we’ve worked to deliver a superior charging experience. Whether designing Waitlist to let more people charge at busy locations or configuring Power Management to support charging more vehicles, EN Plus is always paying attention to the details to find ways to make the charging experience better for drivers and businesses alike.

We give all of our customers the flexibility to make EV charging work for their business with a management platform that shows charging activity, energy costs, charging stations and other important info, all at a glance.


In addition to making charging easy with our solutions, we lay the groundwork for a better charging experience through our tireless industry and policy efforts. We’ve also achieved global certifications for safety, like CQC, TUV and CE, because we want everyone to feel confident using our charging solutions.

Because we know that people around the world live in different types of housing and businesses have different needs, we can provide EV charging solutions everywhere they’re needed, from single-family homes, apartments and condos to fast charging on freeways. We do whatever it takes to make charging so easy you don’t have to think about it.

A best charging experience is the foundation of all we do, and it’s also important to growth.